For many, woodwork is just sawing, drilling, and sanding wood to create something useful.
For many people, color is there to protect something or to make it uniform.
Isn’t woodwork a way to create a work of art out of wood and painting the expression of emotions?

I’m Tobias Gerber

Tobias Gerber, Painter, Maker
Tobias Gerber, Painter, Maker

For some time now I have rediscovered my passion for arts and crafts. Yes, she had been forgotten for a long time in the pursuit of career, fame and money. I was brought back by an illness. Today I work with acrylic paints, wood, planes, electronics and machines. Self-made CNC milling machines, 3D printers or laser plotters are included as well as planes and brushes.


Many interesting projects have been implemented over time. Some work was successful, sometimes I had to start over and give up every now and then. Nevertheless, they are exciting and encourage you to rediscover your own abilities.

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